Shnurov wrote a verse on the tax for the unemployed


The musician has seen above "the faith in miracles"

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The musician in his Instagram wrote a poem about the idea of ​​the state Duma deputies to collect the fines from the unemployed citizens of Russia. Shnurov compared this with attempts to force the goat to "give a little milk".

Shnurov wrote a verse on the tax for the unemployed

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The musician is sure that in Russia "all laws are applied through the Themis scales".

Previously, the state Duma has proposed to introduce a system of penalties for the unemployed Russians who do not pay contributions to insurance funds. The author of the initiative, the deputy Sergei Vostretsov, explained this by saying that 18 million Russians without jobs actually belong to the number of "self-employed" and do not participate in the financing of the pension system.

At the same time, this measure, according to the deputy, does not contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

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