Shock broke the groom’s back.. A young man married his colleague and on the night of the wedding he looked at her between her legs and discovered a shocking surprise that made him leave the bedroom immediately and flee the whole city! !

A famous Arab media figure fell into the scandal a few hours after the end of her wedding, and the night she entered turned into hell after her husband discovered that she was no longer a girl, so he divorced her immediately.

In the details of the news, the famous journalist married her colleague in the channel in which she works, after a love story that lasted more than 3 years.

The wedding ceremony went well, and the newlyweds celebrated their wedding in the presence of family, friends and co-workers, and the joy was drawn on everyone’s faces.

The fateful wedding night
After hours of noisy celebration, the ceremony ended, and the guests began to leave, and at the same time the groom took his bride and headed with her to a city hotel to spend their night that had been waiting for years.

The groom had no idea that something would disturb the peace that night and end his love story that everyone was talking about and praising, and the bride also had signs of happiness drawn on her face and there was no evidence of her anxiety or fear of discovering something.

The newlyweds ate dinner at the hotel, then went to the bedroom with longing and eagerness, and after a short time of laughter and enjoyment, the groom turned into a brutal monster and happiness changed to anger and screaming, so what happened!?

Scandal in the bedroom
The bride’s close friend says, quoting the bride, that what happened in the bedroom was not expected, as the groom discovered that his bride was no longer “Bint Bennut”, and she had had a relationship with someone else besides him, which made him erupt like a volcano.

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And the bride adds on the words of her friend that she made a mistake with another colleague who was working with her in the same channel, and when the date of her marriage approached, she went to a clinic and installed an artificial “hymen”, but unfortunately for her the groom discovered the matter, and her cunning trick did not deceive him. Groom that artificial hymen?

The bride’s friend says that the groom was suspicious of his bride’s relationship with another colleague who works with them in the same channel, but because of his great love for her and his attachment to her, he did not tell her about his doubts, and days before their wedding date, he also went to his doctor friend and asked him to guide him to a way he could During which the distinction between the natural and artificial hymen, the doctor told him about some of the signs that distinguish between the two membranes.

On the night of the wedding, the groom began examining his bride in a strange and accurate way. He discovered that his bride’s hymen was artificial and not natural, so he became angry and beat her, but his love for her prevented him from doing so.

The next morning, the groom returned his wife to her family’s house, then left to an unknown place and disappeared from the city, left his work and job and migrated to another place.

After a long wait and anticipation from the bride who was biting the fingers of regret too late, and three months passed and the groom did not return, she went to a court and filed a divorce case and was able to obtain it in the absence of the husband.

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The bride could not stay in the city, and she also left for a neighboring country, looking for a new life to cover her woes, and start a new life away from the eyes and words of people and the surroundings in which she was living.

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