shock campaign against abandonment has signed 30 million friends (video)


the foundation 30 million friends in France he returned to the country against the abandonment of the summer with a new video shock to raise awareness on the issue of abandonment during the summer.

The movie punch shows people leaving their pet while they sing the famous " We are the Champions "(Queen).

In fact, France has the sad record of the number of dropouts in Europe with 100,000 abandoned animals each year, 60,000 of which are alone in the summer.

To the SRPA Veeweyde in Brussels, Ludivine Nolf, head of communications, points out that only over the Brussels shelter "there are more than 1,000 drop-outs a year". And with 10 large shelters in the area they are more extrapolated to 10,000 annual dropouts in our country only for dogs and cats.

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