Shocking sales in global stocks


Bank of America Merrill Lynch said investors withdrew equity funds at a record pace in the last week, with sales of $ 39 billion.

Outflows from investment grade bond funds also posted a record high of $ 8.4 billion in the week ending Wednesday.

US equity markets witnessed a hot week with US equity funds that posted the second week of sales at all, at $ 27.6 billion, the bank said in a recent research note.

With the uncertainty surrounding Britain coming out of the EU, investors have so far taken $ 9.8 billion from UK equity funds, a figure higher than a year earlier.

However, the inflow from the start of the year to Japanese equity funds amounted to $ 63.57 billion and the emerging market shares to $ 50.92 billion, which helped to keep the total of positive stock flows for 2018 to $ 74 billion.

However, it was different for high-yield bond funds with record sales of $ 63 billion so far this year.

Investors returned to seek security in government bonds, while flows to their funds reached $ 3.2 billion last week, up to $ 20 billion from the previous 10 weeks and $ 46 billion from the start of the year. ;year.



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