Shocking secrets and catastrophic secrets behind Donia Samir Ghanem’s refusal to work with Ahmed Makki in Al-Kabeer Away 6. They asked her why, so she revealed what happened behind the scenes without anyone knowing!!

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The great comedy series Oy, in its sixth season, has been at the forefront of social networking sites since the beginning of its presentation, due to its funny events, humorous situations and new characters.

Fans of the “Big Awe” series waited for the artist who could fill Donia Samir Ghanem’s place in the women’s championship, and the matter is not subject to comparison, because the nature of the characters in the series is different, but it is an area of ​​art and creativity filled by Dunya and if it remains empty, a problem will arise in the context of accepting work from fans.

This waiting was not in vain, so Rahma Ahmed Farag, who embodies the role of Merbouha, was able to take advantage of the space that was given to her in the fifth episode of the series in front of Ahmed Makki, and showed her spontaneous comedic talent without muscle or exaggeration, but she relied on simplicity and avoided artificiality.

During the episode, I began to enter the viewer quietly and gradually, and the audience suddenly found themselves in the midst of a torrent of comedy that elicits laughter without undue effort, and with each scene the viewer finds a new sentence attached to him, and by the end of the episode there is a dictionary of profitable expressions such as “Oh, the dark club, This is 20% Lycra, this is the sexy electric woman, oh my master, you take me absence, is not this the tiger that you told me will motivate you.”

Within minutes after the episode ended, her sentences turned into comics, and she topped the trend on social media.

The artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, revealed the reason that prompted her to withdraw from the series “The Great Away”, despite her participation in four parts of it, and the work achieved overwhelming success with each show.

Donia Samir Ghanem said that one of the reasons why she stopped participating in the “Al-Kabeer Awi” series is that the place where the filming was taking place, “Mazarita Village”, was incredibly full of mosquitoes, which disturbed her greatly and made her really suffer.

Donia Samir Ghanem added during a previous interview on the “Al-Hekaya” program that some might find that her withdrawal from the series because of the mosquito is trivial, but the truth is that she suffered a lot with these flying insects throughout the filming period, and she could no longer bear it.

Donia Samir Ghanem continued her words that she told the star Ahmed Makki about her willingness to participate in any other work, but that the series “Al Kabeer Away” was not, to the extent that she told him that she was ready to leave the absolute championship that she was preparing for at the time, which is the series “Lahfa”, and she participates in it. Any series, but provided that it is not a new part of “The Big Oy.”

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