Entertainment shocks a fan with her apartment

shocks a fan with her apartment

Karine Le Marchand films herself at home during her Live Love, live on Instagram, and her apartment makes people react.

Karine Le Marchand: “What if I were doing live Instagram portraits of singles? I give an hour of meeting, you connect, and I take you at random, a girl, a boy in alternation, we chat, people can discover you and contact you … How would you like it? “

It was with this message that the 52-year-old presenter presented her concept a few days ago, and proposed an original idea to her fans and to viewers of “love is in the meadow”. Private on show for now, the presenter offers an alternative to spend time with her fans during this current mandatory confinement.

Karine Le Marchand therefore gives an appointment to her aficionados for a daily meeting.

Internet users were able to discover in this Live, the residence of the beautiful presenter, and a user noticed and pointed out the size of his Parisian home. The latter comments:“Karine, she lives in a palace”. Note which greatly amused the person concerned, and who replied with all the humor that viewers know her:

“This is my office! “. And, it is true since his apartment also houses the headquarters of his company which is none other than his own production box. This would explain on the one hand the large size of her property and also, logically, the presence of a man at her place, since on the images, we can discover a young man who is passing by. But it is in fact one of his collaborators Michael, editor by profession, who works for Potiche Prod, the company of Karine Le Marchand.

Potiche Prod is a company she set up in 2000, which produces formats for television channels, notably for the magazine “Une ambition intime” which she produces and sells to M6. This concept of 30 minutes that Karine presents herself, looks at the personality and the intimacy of her guests, men, or politicians, artists or even celebrities.

Her famous guests include the former President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Luc Melanchon Founder of the Mouvement de La France Insoumise, Marine Le Pen President of the National Rally, François Fillon and the humorist Gad Elmaleh and the actress Michèle Laroque. The entire first season has already been broadcast and a second one is said to be in preparation for broadcast later this year.

Concerning her program “L’amour est dans le pré”, which makes Karine one of the favorite personalities of the French in a poll where she finished in 9th place just behind Stéphane Plaza, the show is currently interrupted for cause of pandemic. Fans of the program should find it on the screens in September.

The ex-wife of the footballer, world champion 98, Lilian Thuram, still has many other activities in addition to the presentation of his two shows. We can find her, very regularly, on the radio in the famous broadcast of “Big Heads” on RTL; program created by Philippe Bouvard, then by Christophe Dechavanne, and today presented by Laurent Ruquier. Karine Le Marchand also shares the stage with her friend Stéphane Plaza, Jean-Phi Jansen, Arielle Dombasle, Bernard Mabille or Olivier de Kersauson when he is not on a boat or on an atoll at the other end of the world.

The presenter from Nancy also recently participated in a very beautiful and moving initiative. On Sunday 03 May, she was invited to take part in the Live organized by the Shoah Memorial. On Instagram, internet users could watch the “Letters of Drancy” written by deportees in the internment camp of the same name. More than moving testimonies of Jews in 1942 who were victims of the war and the murderous madness of the Third Reich experienced deportation to an awful end. By participating in this project, Karine reminds us of the importance of this duty of memory.

She also tells us about the next season of “L’amour dans le pré” which currently has 15 seasons and which has always been very successful over the years.

Season 14 ended with very good audience scores, but in content, the result was more mixed with only five farmers out of twelve who left as a couple having found a soul mate. Didier, the cows breeder from Aveyron, François the cattle breeder from Vendée, the other François cow breeder from the Burgundy region, Jean-Michel, the farm worker from dawn and finally the nice Laurent breeder in Nièvre.

However season 15 of “Love is in the meadow” had started off well with a first broadcast on Monday March 09, 2020 on M6. Thirteen hearts to take that Karine Le Marchand had discovered while crisscrossing the four corners of France to find and select her candidates. Thirteen hearts waiting to experience love, passion and emotion.

“I cross my fingers so that beautiful souls write to them and I kiss them all very strongly” said the presenter.

But almost two months after the discovery of the portraits of the candidates, Internet users are wondering if this season 15, will not be permanently deleted due to the covid-19 pandemic. The M6 ​​television channel had still not communicated on the subject, and it was Karine Le Marchand, herself, who came to give explanations and to reassure worried fans: “We don’t know, but it’s going to be fine for September, we will work all summer. “

To date, no programming canceled but simply postponed pending deconfinement and resumption of activities. Indeed, just like a large part of French industry, the film sets for television and cinema are today almost at a standstill. In addition to production companies, it is also all the small related trades which are affected by technical unemployment. A significant number of small companies, subcontractors of this industry, saw their turnover reduced to nil.

Meanwhile, fans of Karine Le Marchand can find her every day on her “Love live” on Instagram, for her game that will hopefully make new couples happy.


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