Shoot in Los Angeles, at least eleven injured. Perhaps the assailant died


at least eleven injured and one dead the budget of the shooting in the bar of Thousand Oaks, in California, about sixty miles from Los Angeles, where at 11.30 local time (8.30 in Italy) a man – dressed in black and with a mask Skis on the face and black baseball hat – he broke into the Borderline Bar & Grill while a student party was going on and he started shooting at the crowd. The assailant would have died in the room. Several US media reports referring to the sheriff of Ventura County. Among the eleven wounded there would also be the deputy sheriff. The man would throw tear gas at the entrance to the room and then open fire with an automatic pistol. Witnesses speak of about thirty exploded shots. Several ambulances, police forces and the FBI arrived on the spot. Some people have barricaded themselves in the baths of the room, others have climbed on the roofs to escape the murderous rage. The website of the club, where country music is played, advertises the wednesday nights as the evenings dedicated to university students attended mainly by students of a nearby college aged between 18 and 21 years: near the structure there are two colleges, California Lutheran University and California State University.

Stay away

The shooting was reported on social networks by firefighters: Active accident, "shooter" in progress reported to Borderline in @CityofTO, tweeted the fire department of the county of Ventura. Please stay away from the incident area, reports of multiple injuries, details yet to be determined, multiple ambulance requests. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office told CNN that there was a shooting at a local bar, but refused to release further details.

He started shooting, without talking

The Abc7 site reports the testimony of a boy, John Hedge, who was inside the room: A man with a beard, hat, black jacket and glasses entered the room and fired a first shot at the bouncer at the entrance. Then he fired at the cashier, a young girl, then started moving to the office where the cashier was kept and started shooting, without speaking, he said.

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