Shoot out of the White House, Trump escorted to the Oval Office

WASHINGTON Shooting and alarm in the White House. Last night, around 6pm, Trump enters the briefing room to take stock of Covid-19 with journalists. A few minutes pass and a secret service agent approaches him, in charge of the president’s personal protection. A whisper, Trump looks at him in surprise. He steps off the podium and quickly leaves the room without saying a word. Soon after, he came back. himself to explain: There was a shooting here outside the White House. As far as I know, one gunman was shot and taken to hospital.

The reporters ask him if he was afraid. It seems to you that it is trembling for the terror? We know that the world is a very dangerous place. However, I never thought I would not come back here and end the press conference. Trump added: I don’t know if the shooter said my name. I don’t even know if this whole thing has anything to do with me. The dynamics of the facts – in the Italian night – are not yet clear. And investigators had not yet released the identity of the suspect. The accident, however, triggered the alert.

The American leader was taken to the Oval Office, not far from the briefing room. The whole compound has been sealed. the first time there is a shooting in the vicinity of the presidential residence. There had been no firefights even on the most chaotic nights, following the protests over the death of George Floyd last May 25 in Minneapolis. Although on May 31, the president, First Lady Melania and her son Barron were taken as a precaution to the bunker, located in the basement of the main building, while outside the demonstrators threw bottles at the security cordon.

For weeks the activists of Black Lives Matter and many other Washington citizens gathered at Lafayette Park, across from the White House. Federal and local law enforcement departments have tightened controls in the area. It should also be considered that in recent days, the great heat and the Covid-19 emergency have almost completely emptied the city. It is difficult to think of a robbery or a criminal attack. More likely to be the gesture of a deranged person.

11 August 2020 (change 11 August 2020 | 01:09)


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