Shopee Supports Stores Rejecting Order Cancellation

My complaint is directed to the Shopee Party and the relevant shop “sepatuwanita888”

On March 20, 2023, I purchased a product at the store with detailed receipt number 2303200E2WBA0S. Because I want to add a variety of items that I want to buy, I submit an order cancellation (deadline -10 minutes). And I intend to order orders at the store according to the additional variations I want.

The request for an order cancellation was made at 19.45 however, the store refused the cancellation on the grounds that the product had already been sent. Without seeing the chat and the cancellation request that I submitted.

What’s worse, Shopee actually sees this as a natural thing, even for products that have been sent within 1 minute after the buyer’s order process.

I wasn’t harmed at all in this transaction, because I used COD and I can still cancel it immediately after the item arrives. However, there will definitely be an impact on the account and if you do it again, the COD on the account will be frozen according to the SOP from Shopee

“As a form of protection from Shopee for Sellers, the COD (Pay on Place) payment method from Buyers will be temporarily deactivated if the Buyer has canceled orders 2 times within 60 calendar days after the second rejection”.

Here the conclusions that can be drawn are like the title above “Shopee Supports All Stores that Refuse Order Cancellations”. Order cancellation feature from Shopee in this transaction only GIMMICK. This means if all of you shop at the store from the E-Commerce. You took the wrong order and intend to cancel it (even at the 1 minute deadline), you can’t cancel AT ALL and if the system used is not COD, just accept it.

Blitar, East Java

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