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If your iPhone is lost somewhere in your home, go through the “Find my iPhone“Can only be seen positioned at home, “Look for》Currently there is no way to find out which corner or cabinet it fell into, so I can’t find where to put my iPhone?

In addition to being able to play with another phone, share an exclusive self-made “Find a phone“Shortcut script, let you tell you where your iPhone has fallen through the Hey Siri voice assistant, this function combines the help of finding iPhone playback sound, vibration and flash, which can speed up the recovery of lost iPhone at home.

iPhone Lost Recovery Shortcut Script Settings

Before downloading and using the iPhone to find the shortcut script, you need to enable the permission to listen to Siri and the setting of Allow Siri when locked, so as to avoid the shortcut script cannot be triggered when the iPhone is locked in standby or the screen is facing down.

Turn on Always listen to Siri permission

Open with iPhonesetting“Enter”Auxiliary useselect theSiri“setting.

iPhone Lost Recovery Shortcut Script Settings

and will “Always listen to “Hey Siri”‘ function is enabled.

iPhone Lost Recovery Shortcut Script Setting 1

Turn on Siri and Search

Next, through “settingselect “Siri and Search“,Will”Listen to Hey Siri“and”Allow Siri when locked” to turn on.

iPhone Lost Recovery Shortcut Script Setting 3

iPhone Lost Recovery Shortcut Script Download

Open the rear “through the Safari web page”Find Mobile Shortcut Script“iOS shortcut script link, then click “Join Shortcut” button.If you have never used the Shortcut App, you need to download it through the App Store (click me to download it)Shortcut App)。

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iPhone Lost Recovery Shortcut Script Download and Tips

⛔️ If the iOS shortcut is obtained, the “This shortcut cannot be opened because your shortcut’s security settings do not allow untrusted shortcuts“, through the “Another method to solve (click me)」。

whenFind iPhone Shortcut ScriptAfter the download is complete, confirm “Find a phoneDoes ” appear in “shortcut” page.

iPhone Lost and Recover Shortcut Script Download and Tips 1

Find Lost iPhone at Home with Siri

Next, test whether the script for finding mobile phone shortcuts works properly, put the iPhone into standby mode, and put the screen face down on the table to test, and say out loud “Hey Siri find phone”, you will see the flash on the back of the iPhone light up, and you will also hear the iPhone vibrate and Siri say “Master, have I seen me here?? “Voice prompt, it means success!

Find lost phone at home with Siri

Of course, you can also use the iOS built-in Find iPhone function, shouting “Hey Siri find my phone”, but this function will only issue a prompt sound, if there is a HomePod or HomePod mini nearby, the iPhone will not be able to make a sound, which can be solved by looking for a shortcut script on the phone.

Find your lost phone at home with Siri1

How to modify Siri voice prompts and times?

By default, the Find iPhone Shortcut Script will run five times. If you want to execute it more times, you can click the “•••” in the upper right corner of the Find Mobile Script to edit, just adjust the “•••”.repeat” times; if you want to modify the voice prompt sound, edit “read aloud”, you can modify the Siri prompt sound by yourself.

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Function summary

The shortcut script tool for iPhone lost and recovery shared this time is mainly to be able toSpeed ​​up the recovery of lost iPhones at homeyou don’t need to make a phone call, just shout “Hey Siri find phone“After that, Siri will tell you where the phone is right away, and it can also judge the location through the flash and sound. It is recommended that you install it quickly. If you lose your iPhone and can’t find it in a gap in your home, you can use this method to find it. come out.

More practical tips:

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