Shortens Tanya Plibersek as the new Labor leader


Bill Shorten has resigned as leader of the Labor party, but that doesn't mean his time in politics is over.

The leader of the opposition who failed to win the First Ministate for the second electoral campaign in a row yesterday gave up the party's control in granting defeat.

Now he is said to be supporting his deputy leader Tanya Plibersek for leadership, L & # 39; Australian reported Sunday evening, citing sources of senior labor.

Labor members also said that Mr. Shorten could remain in politics and serve as frontman in the new opposition team.

Mrs Plibersek belongs to the left-wing faction of the party and the approval of Mr Shorten will probably bring with him the support of Victorian law.

Ms. Plibersek, who holds the Sydney seat, did not officially announce a summit bias but, reportedly, she met Jim Chalmers, from Queensland, about a possible ticket.

At this point it is not clear whether Mrs Plibersek throws her hat in the ring.

"I'm certainly considering it," he told ABC show Insiders this morning.

"My determination is to ensure that we are in the best place to win in three years."

It is essential that the opposition continue to focus on "discipline and unity", he said.

"I'll talk to my colleagues today, but of course I'm considering it."

According to ABC political journalist Patricia Karvelas, Ms. Plibersek will have the numbers in Victoria.

This afternoon Anthony Albanese, spokesman for the infrastructure opposition and also from the left of the party, announced his intention to run for leadership.

Mr. Albanese was the first to officially announce his run in a pub in Balmain, in the west of Sydney.

Mr. Albanian was laudatory for the Honorable Shorten, who will remain in provisional role until the choice of his successor.

"He fought a tough campaign, led our big party for six years. He was an inclusive leader and someone who promoted a political campaign in the interest of workers, and he is someone who has my respect," he said. called Albanian.

Mr. Albanian was the privileged choice on Mr Shorten in 2013 after the defeat of Kevin Rudd, however a change of rules that determines how the Labor leader is chosen – 50 per cent from Caucus and 50 per cent from members – has seen in the end Mr Shorten.

The NSW right of the party will have to decide who to support as a new federal leader.

Ms. Plibersek holds one of the safest Labor seats in the country. The shadow spokesperson for education is a popular candidate among voters and has been shown to have broad appeal.

Even the shadow Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen is in the running for leadership.

He was part of Mr. Shorten's inner circle, but he would be hampered by the fact that he was the main architect of the Great Labor's tax reform program that was rejected yesterday at the polls.

Mr. Bowen said he would consult with his family before making a decision about his leadership ambitions.

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