Shot man, 2 arrested after police rammed in Melbourne


Police shot a man and arrested two people in Melbourne after a police van was rammed this morning.

The incident occurred in Greenvale, in the north of the city at 4.50 am.

The man was taken to hospital in "serious condition".

Images taken from the spectacle of tire tracks that drag themselves off the road in a semi-rural area of ​​the city, to the north-east of the main Tullamarine airport.

Channel 7 aired pictures of a Victoria Police van with dents on its side and a hollow bonnet.

Ambulance Victoria said a man was treated by paramedics following a shooting.

"A 20-year-old man was taken to hospital in serious condition with an injury to his upper body."

Victoria police said a crime scene was set up and investigations are underway.

"The exact circumstances surrounding what happened in the vicinity of Providence Road are still being defined, but it is believed that one of the arrested men was hit by the police."

In a statement, the police claimed that no officer was "seriously injured".

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