Shots of apple cider vinegar before eating, why is it a trend that we should avoid?

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Since it became fashionable to drink (warm) water with lemon on an empty stomach to debug Our body had never seen anything like it again. There is nothing like a good home remedy to put in your mouth and for a couple of years now it has been the turn of the vinegar. And acetic acid has risen in category.

It is no longer just him star natural remedy to kill lice (spoiler: it makes them slide better through your hair but the vinegar kills them) but now it has become your best friend for reducing blood sugar levels.

And nutritional fads also evolve. If a few years ago they were fighting los “anti-fat” remediesnow it’s the turn of the “anti-sugar” remedies. In social networks it is a trend to connect a shot of apple cider vinegar before eating to rreduce blood sugar spike. Before you start, and this goes for any area, be wary of any overly simple remedy that promises great benefits.

Its mechanism of action still is under study but we know that it can block, although only in part, the action of the enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars (those that are in pasta, rice, potatoes, bread…).

That is, it blocks the scissors that separate the sugars that form starch chains. If this enzyme is partially blocked, starch is converted into glucose more slowly. And if the sugar pops up slowerit will also be absorbed more slowly.

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