Shouted “Glory to Ukraine!”, Now he almost killed his wife. Ex-Spartak Vukoevich again fell into scandal

So what happened this time. A criminal case has been opened against the head coach of the Croatian youth team on charges of physical harm to his wife and her family. Vukoevich arrested on the night of May 7-8. The next day he spent in a police station, after which he was released on bail and a recognizance not to leave.

A complaint about a beginner football coach filed a family of his wife Andrei Chupor, a former Miss Croatia, whom Vukoevich married in October 2016 at the Church of St. John the Baptist in Zagreb. By the way, the scandalous agent became one of the guests of that wedding Zdravko Mamich, who had previously received a real prison term for fraud with contracts of Dynamo Zagreb players, but he fled from justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which refused to extradite him to Croatia.

Now the real term is already shining for Vukoevich. According to the case file, he returned home late in the state of intoxication and threatened to kill not only his wife, but also her mother and sister. When Andrei tried to call the police, he pulled out a phone from her and pushed him hard. Since May 9, he is forbidden to approach his wife at a distance of 200 meters. According to the lawyer Nikolay Mandich, Vukoevich found himself a temporary housing, where he will be during the investigation. His behavior has already been condemned by the Croatian Football Federation, which is likely to terminate his youth mentor contract with him, and for now is waiting for “clarifying information”.

This is not the first scandal involving Vukoevich, who made a completely successful football career. Recall that he has 55 matches for the national team, four Croatian champion titles in the Dynamo Zagreb, more than 150 matches and several national trophies with Dynamo Kyiv. Ognen’s problems began when he returned to Zagreb in 2014 and did not find a common language with the then head coach of the country’s strongest club Zoran Mamic (the younger brother of the above-mentioned swindler, also implicated in the theft case).

This was preceded by an unsuccessful lease from Kiev to Spartak, for which Vukoevich at Valeria Karpine spent a total of 9 official games. Mamich did not trust the former star too much, pickling Ognen on the bench. The conflict reached its climax in the final match of the Croatian championship, when the coach refused to let Vukoevich replace, so that he could say goodbye to fans who chanted from the stands “Ogi! Augie! ” Mamich defiantly called for a backup goalkeeper Marco Mikulichaso that he spent the final minutes on the field. And then to the situation … right from VIP– The coach’s older brother intervened (the same Zdravko hiding now in Bosnia). Under his pressure, Vukoevich still played the ending of the farewell match with Rieka. And Mamich Jr., in protest 10 minutes before the final whistle, went into the locker room.

… After spending a couple more seasons in Austria, Vukoevich got a job as a scout in Dynamo, almost native to him, in Kiev. And then the future coach of the 2018 World Cup invited him to his headquarters Zlatko Dalich. True, the silver tournament for the Croatian national team ended for Vukoevich ahead of schedule. He was sent home after the victory in Sochi over Russia in the quarterfinals. In the locker room Vukoevich along with another former football player of Dynamo Kyiv Domagoy Vidoy shouted into the camera “Glory to Ukraine!” FIFA perceived this video in the media as a political provocation. And although later it turned out that Vida and Vukoevich only talked with their friends in Kiev as part of a private conversation on Skype, it was worth scout disqualification and a fine of 15 thousand Swiss francs.

However, the Croatian Federation did not keep evil for a long time at Vukoevich. In 2019, he was appointed to the youth team. And he even had one official match with the team – in Zagreb against France (1: 1). But when the next game of Vukoevich-coach will take place and whether it will take place at all, now the big question …


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