SHOWBITS. Thibaut Courtois celebrates his son’s birthday and MNM DJ Wanne is looking for a new roommate | SHOWBITS

Synnave tub, who presents the morning show at MNM together with Peter Van de Veire and Kawtar Ehlalouch, has to look for a new roommate. “Forget ‘K2 seeks K3’, this is from now on the most important quest of the year”, he jokes on Instagram. “From June 1 (or July 1, if that would be too soon) I will be looking for a new cozy roommate (M / V / X / …) because my previous one is leaving. Not because I’m not nice, but because they are going to live together. ”

Junior Planckaert is looking forward to the start of the second season of ‘Château Planckaert’ on Sunday evening. Eddy’s youngest son will have to follow the episode from bed, because he is in months of rehabilitation after a motorcycle accident.

Staf Coppens enjoy a wonderful day at his Swedish campsite.

Kato Callebaut enjoys a sunny Sunday with her favorite four-legged friend.

Anke Buckinx welcomes a new pet into her family.

Thibaut Courtois celebrates his son’s birthday.

Ella Leyers has made a drinking game for those who are fans of ‘The Bachelorette’.

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