Shrimp Suthiraj opens his heart to clear the fear. Reveal someone talking – the right specification But sparing singleness

Naked life Kung Sutthiraj 22 years in the music industry Open the sacred family “Family God” with clearing up no man. Reveal your heart status

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Famous country singer and actor Suthiraj Shrimp More than 22 years of life in the music industry, with the revealing beliefs about the sacred family, the family, the family, through the talk show on the 31st channel, Ning Panita and Tanya Tanyaret as the host, revealing the heart. Clear the accusation not man.

How is the COVID situation? “Was affected enough Work, especially Likay I have been affected since the last coronavirus. Usually, the Likay work is in December, February, March, March. And when the last COVID round, it was at this time. The event was promoted to this year, which is 64 and hit the second round again. “

He said that the Divine Family was a sacred family, so there was no need to worship anywhere. It’s something that outsiders want to come and worship. What is that? “Since childhood At home to respect the princess, the princess, here is the grandmother’s sister, a medium And has been in shape since I was little And when I grew up, I respected the princess: Princess Praphai Manee Sri Sangwan, in which the divine level we respect, there are many gods that we will think of Which is only in our respected family. “

Why did you come and stay at the sister and grandmother? Have you ever had a story? “Simply speaking, we were not born in time. We were born, Grandma was already a medium. And his parents have respected since the founding of the Likay faculty And has always been respected Called to make a wish Worshiped all this time. Until I grow up, I can feel that this is the real thing that we can feel. “

Is Princess Praphai Manee Srisangwan really exist or is it just a sacred thing that has been said? “Well, we also know from my grandmother. The grandmother who was the royal princess who stamped her name Princess Praphai Manee Srisangwan “

Have you ever seen your face? “Never, there are no paintings, no idols.”

Have you ever dreamed of? “I myself have never been dreamed of. But like we have a medium Is that Grandma was the one the media from the princess came to tell us We grew up with respect according to the parents he told me. We respect the princess “

Have we really asked for anything? “At that time Likay, we were the villagers. In a different province Is Chainat Province And when I grew up for 3-4 years, my mother would say that I went to make a wish. Around Songkran Day, we will eat vegetarian and then come and make a wish in front of the princess. The princess was seated and we made a wish. Before children Dance to see some Sing to me And make a wish that he grows up and wants to become a famous hero in Thailand Wanted to be a famous singer in Thailand, which at that time there was no way That is Only one group. “

There is a surprise event Or an event that makes the whole family feel that it is not just a wish alone Does the princess really exist? “In the past, when I was a child It’s a matter that happened to myself. In the past, there was only one house in the village, and there was a TV in my house and the children would sit and watch TV. When the children were quite impatient, about 4-5 years old we were eating snacks. Then another child, a younger generation, came and took our food, and we were furious to drive him home. He walked back In front of my house is a large Pho. Then he walked up to the Bodhi tree and he collapsed. Boneless So he took him to see the princess The princess then sprinkled up holy water and went home in shock of how she got here. And the princess told me that the incident happened in front of my house Around the house is an old temple. Which is quite strong Then the Bodhi tree is like an Arak deity who is taking care of me And when this kid had a problem with us, he fell over there. Which in front of his house has a large tamarind tree, they try each other So that the boy had reached the Bodhi tree and fell “

Saw that there was an event, elder Crab, manager of the white cricket What happened? “At that time, it was Grandpa passed away. And then there is one day Aunt Weed, he called and said that he came to look at the house. It seems like a father is that Grandpa has come to form Pee Pu. We took each other to look, sit and talk, where Uncle Pu closed her eyes and talked. That is, Uncle Pu came to work with Uncle Wee, he had never met Grandpa, didn’t know at all, only knew that there was a chedi to collect the bones of Grandpa in front of the house. Then he talked while he closed his eyes and asked me to call him Big Daddy, right? He said it was scared of me, it was not okay, I was in the mood that Aunt Poo had come in to the house. He forgot to raise his hand. And after he woke up, he was unable to pay respect As soon as he came up, he didn’t realize it. So we talked about what Why did the big dad come? He said that I would come and tell me the news about my uncle. Which was very sick at that time I don’t know why Walking a few steps tired So asked what the eyes came for He said that your grandmother’s sister That is, the medium that has passed away and told me to come down and say that Aitot is lonely, he wants to take his sick brother with him. He said to light incense and tell Uncle Tod Said to stay with Mom to work first Because he is also Likay So there was a notice of burning incense Which is good until today “

Has a fan club brought the medicine to bring Kung Pee to the front of the stage? “Actually, the medicine brought it to the crickets in front of the stage. Because at that time I played the hero and the heroine as a couple. And play together very seriously Both front and backstage So people understand that it’s a girlfriend. They gossip about that this couple is definitely married. “

So why do you have to bring birth control pills? “He saw the stage and he was very involved. He brought it to the uncle. Said to take it and eat it. Will not get pregnant “

The news came out that it was a nephew. What did you do to make him think like this? “Actually, it’s been from the days of playing together. And then it was still vague. Because the male protagonists are very close to each other, playing in the backstage, cuddle each other and lie down and play together, that is, we are younger than we play normally. Playing in front of the stage, we also play real as well. Real kiss, real smell, real catch, so people understand it in another way. “

Is it Phil like the gin these days? When people understand that so So it has to be like that? “Understand that as a gin, shrimp, white cricket, that is, play together Whether the CD is released Or whatever. We will play very seriously. “

In summary, it’s really good. Not a girlfriend? “I’m not a fan. Uncle Wae is aunt. Is the youngest of my mother They are crossfire, their age is similar. “

On the issue that we are not cool How do we describe it? “I think people who have been exposed The person who actually met me He will know what I am. I have a high personal world in my own time. When we work we will be who we are. “

What kind of specification is it? “Must be someone who understands us Must understand us very much “

Female or male? “Female”

Insiders talking to each other. Actually, Kung Suthiraj secretly flirts with too? “I think it is normal for men. It can’t help but like this person. But I am a quiet person, rarely expressing myself. Being a person like this, so I rarely have news. “

Do you have a girlfriend or not? “to”

But what I know is that there is But did not dare to reveal Because he is a Likay hero Are you afraid of falling ratings? “Honestly, I must say that our fans do not want us to have it. I want us to stay like this for a long time. Which I am also possessive of being single Would like to be single for a long time before, not in a hurry “

Have you ever had a girlfriend? “There are some normal Normal as human beings Now it’s better to stay like this. But there are people talking “

Interview Clip with Shrimp Suthiraj

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