Shut the barber of Reuben Orlando in the Villa 31 on the same day that it opened

Rubén Orlando, for the moment, you can’t continue with your beauty salon. Credit: Instagram

Short was the joy of return to work for

Ruben Orlando

. The stylist was received on the afternoon of Wednesday, an official notification that he was forced to close the barber shop that had opened a few hours before.

According to the act, the local breach of the decree of emergency healthcare provided by the Government, and therefore had to cease immediately, with the attention to the public.

The same Wednesday, the stylist had explained in

Fantino afternoon

the reasons why he had taken the decision to go back to the activity: “If I have to go to prison, I will gladly defend these rights.

People do not have to eat, they are stealing terribly.

The people, if not working, does not fill the belly, and there are those who come to steal. I have gone hungry, in my childhood, and when I broke it, but I was by the side of the work; it happens that it’s easy to talk when you have the belly full”.

Ruben Orlando at Fantino in the afternoon, before the scandal.


The program showed the activity of the local, and to a Ruben Orlando nervous, because he imagined an outcome like that finally happened. “This is not against (Horacio) Rodríguez Larreta or Diego Santilli, who I love very much and support as always, but the truth is that there can be more”.

With the resolution in hand, and the impossibility of continuing with the task that had been proposed, Orlando is downloaded on their social networks: “AFTER THE PROGRAM WITH FANTINO!!! THE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE MADE ME CLOSE MY ROOM, THE VILLA 31!!! “THEY PREFER THAT PEOPLE GO OUT TO STEAL TO EAT,”P.S. “PLEASE FRIENDS!!! SHARE IT ON YOUR WALLS. THANKS A MILLION”.



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