Shutterstock partners with NVIDIA to build AI foundation for generative 3D art tool that converts text into 3D content

American image material and editing tool provider Shutterstock announced today (22) that it has cooperated with NVIDIA (Hui Da) to establish an artificial intelligence foundation for generative 3D art tools.Users will be able to NVIDIA Picasso Generative AI Cloud Serviceusing assets from Shutterstock to train 3D models and turn text into 3D content for industrial digital twins, entertainment and gaming, reducing authoring time from hours to minutes.

Shutterstock said that using current professional software tools, it is often difficult and time-consuming for creators to build a high-quality detailed 3D model from scratch. If the produced content is to be used to make a digital twin model, it needs to have accurate precision. In this way, depending on the specific situation of the model, the creator may need several days or even longer to make such a complex model. If creators use NVIDIA Picasso’s generative artificial intelligence cloud service to create custom models, Shutterstock will assist 3D artists in creating object shapes, assisting in unfolding objects, generating textures and materials, and for non-3D content creation users, it can even generate Complete 3D models for a variety of applications and platforms.

Shutterstock notes that the models will be available on the official website in the coming months, with a new generative artificial intelligence feature powered by NVIDIA being the latest to join Creative Flow The new force of ; Creative Flow is a rich toolkit for providing users with a smooth creative experience.In addition, the Turbosquid website will also provide the function of converting from text to 3D content, and the official plan is to use it to build and run 3D industrial metaverse applications. NVIDIA Omniverse launched on the platform.

“Our partnership with NVIDIA to develop generative 3D tools will support the next generation of 3D contributors while dramatically reducing the time from creation to publication of beautifully textured and structured 3D models,” said Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy. The partnership further advances our strategy of co-creating new products, tools and content for the market, utilizing Shutterstock’s extensive metabase, combining our 3D content with NVIDIA’s underlying models, and utilizing our respective marketing and distribution platforms Let’s make good use of this huge business opportunity.”

“The transformative capabilities of generative AI make it possible for software developers and businesses to create tools that use simple text prompts to create 3D assets for digital twins, simulations and designs,” said Greg Estes, vice president of developer programs at NVIDIA. Save a lot of time and effort for artists and developers.Using NVIDIA Picasso generative artificial intelligence cloud services to train custom Shutterstock models, developers can use this as a tool to automatically complete many tedious tasks for artists, so that they have More time to explore new concepts and perfect ideas.”

As part of its Responsible Artificial Intelligence focus, and in connection with the sale of custom 3D models on the Shutterstock platform, Shutterstock will, through itsContributor FundCompensate artists for the role their intellectual property (IP) plays in training generative technology.

For more details about the above information, players can check through the official website.

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