“Sia Boat” organizes a battle at Petch Yindee Stage on Ratchadamnoen Stage. Chain will win Petchniran.

Chatpetch Kiatthongyot (Won points from Petch Phuthon, Sanitphan District at Ratn.) Boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching knees and elbows, violent, live form, will win Petchpayak Sitjomyuth (lost by Sky Nui Si Mum Muang at Rangsit). Boxing, kicking and punching. The fist stabbed the knee, wrestled violently, but the friction was secondary to the last 107 Por.

Petchmai Sitjomyuth (Won TKO Petchacha Sitjedaeng, Round 4 at Rangsit) boxing strong, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, wrestle hard, have a lot of strength to win Laoskar Kiatthongyot (Won points Petnamnuengchot Bangsaen at Ratn. ) Hard boxing, kicking, punching, punching, stabbing, knees, elbows are intense, but the inner knee is a fun type of vice 106 lbs.

Sing Phayak (Sit Panon) Luk Chao Mae Sai Thong (wins TKO, Phet Pad Riw, Suzy, Wonton Noodles, last round in Nonthaburi), boxing rhythm, skill, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, wrestle violently, smart, fresh form to win Chalawan Yokkhao Saen. Chai Muay Thai (lost on points Chatchai Dabransarakham at Ratn.) Boxing, skillful rhythm, kicking, punching, punching knees, elbows, accurate, intense, smart, but protracted, physical condition is inferior to 124 Por.

Diamond Eternal Dapran Sarakham (Lost on points to Somraknoi Muay Ded 789 in Samui) boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching, knees, elbows, wrestling, strong hitting, always strong, but slower than losing to Shane (Petchnamdam Sor. Ruenrom) Petchnakha (won by Kriangkrai Petch Yindee Academy at Rangsit) boxingSkillful strokes, kicks, punches, thrusts, thrusts into the knees, wrestles violently, intelligently, better than fun types, 126 against 127 Por.

Unis Venum Muay Thai (lost by VIP points to Sit Seth Yam in Chonburi), a French fighter with strong knee punches but is second in strength, losing to Petchkomsin Lukjaomaesaithong (Win by Petdara Sanfun Na Thawi Sports at Rangsit) Boxing is strong, kicking and punching the knees, hitting the knees, hitting hard, always having more strength than the kind that must win 101 lbs.

Nakasawa Victory Gym (Won Kensiro Wor. Wanchai in Japan), Japanese fighter kicks punches in the knees, heavy but persistent. won Supachai Sitphitakchai in Nonthaburi) Boxing Rhythm, kick, punch, punch, thrust the knee, wrestle hard, have a lot of strength over the last 138 lbs.

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Lertchinchai Kiatthongyot (wins TKO Phutawan Phetnakah, round 2 at Ronn.) Boxing rhythm, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, heavy, punching on a regular basis, will win Takrut Tone (King Phet Ban Sukua) Sor Jor Man. Muang Chon (lost on points Petchnamchai Sitpan Colonel Odd in Chonburi) boxing, kicking, punching, punching knees, elbows, wrestling violently, but stopped disappearing for a long time, came on duty instead together 148 por.

Hundred Pound Payak Arun (lost to TKO Kriangsai Petchyindee Academy in the last round at Rangsit) Rhythm boxing skill, kick, punch, punch in the knee, accurate, intense, intelligent, better than Thep Mangkorn (Petchaphara Academy) ) Fighter Muay Thai (lost by TKO, Khemphet Wor. Phraianan, round 3 at Ronn.) Strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching the knee, wrestling hard, but the rhythm of the main skill is the secondary type of the fight, born 128 years old.

Chai Sit Ajarn Bee

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