Sia releases trailer for “Music”, her movie about a girl with autism

Be released the new trailer for the film “Music”, that she herself directed. It is a musical starring the Oscar nominee, Kate Hudson.

Among the cast of actors in the production is Maddie Ziegler, the protagonist of her music videos who will play the role of “Music”, a person with autism spectrum disorder.

Also, the actor Leslie Odom Jr. will have a leading role in the feature film.

The film will also include new songs by the artist, including “Hey Boy” featuring Burna Boy, whose video clip has already been released.

Sia’s new movie will be released in IMAX theaters on the night of February 10 for one day only, then those who wish to see “Music” will be able to order it from February 12 through different platforms throughout the United States.

I have my own unique view of the community (of people with autism spectrum disorder) and felt it is underrepresentedSia said in an interview with Variety.

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