Siamese twins from Bhutan successfully separated


Melbourne (AP) – In a six-hour operation, doctors in Australia have two Siamese twins in the Himalayan state on Friday bhutan successfully separated.

The two 15-month-old girls named Nima and Dawa, who had grown up together in the upper body, are now separated for the first time in their lives. According to the treating physicians, they survived the complicated procedure well. Chief physician Joe Crameri said, "It's a relief, and a pleasure too."

At the Royal Children's Hospital of the million-metropolis Melbourne There were two dozen doctors, nurses and assistants involved. Shortly after the success of the operation, the Pediatric Hospital published for the first time photos showing girls in separate beds. According to the doctors, they breathe independently again.

The doctors managed to separate the common liver of the two girls. Furthermore, the intestinal tract could also be separated. Fortunately, during the operation there was not a bad surprise, said Chief Medical Officer Crameri. "As with any surgery, the next 24-48 hours will be a challenge, but we are confident that we will have a good result."

Children now have to spend a little time in hospital. They are accompanied by their mother, Bhumchu Zangmo. The cost of over € 200,000 will be covered by the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located. The family itself could not afford the money.

The Siamese twins from Bangladesh had already been successfully separated in the same hospital nine years ago. The operation lasted a total of 38 hours. The children named Trishna and Krishna live today Australia,

As Siamese twins, medicine refers to an aberration that develops in the uterus in the early stages of development. Some children only grow superficially together, others share organs or limbs. The phenomenon takes its name from Chang and Eng Bunker, who were born in Siam in 1811 – largely today's Thailand – and remained together for life.

Twitter message from the hospital with photos



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