Šiaulių bankas offers almost 16 mln. EUR dividends

Šiaulių bankas, which earned 63.6 million last year. EUR net profit, offers to pay out almost EUR 16 million to the shareholders. EUR dividends, or 2.65 cents per share with a nominal value of 29 cents (9.14%).

In the profit distribution project submitted to the bank’s shareholders’ meeting, which is convened on March 31, it is indicated that the total profit of the bank to be distributed is 213.66 million. euros, of which 15.919 million EUR is proposed to be allocated to dividends, 10.68 million. EUR – to the mandatory reserve or reserve capital, and another 187.1 million. EUR profit to be left undistributed.

Dividends are allocated in accordance with the bank’s dividend policy – at least 25% are allocated to them. of the group’s annual profit, the bank says.

Last year Šiaulių bankas, which earned 56 million in 2021 audited net profit of EUR 20.4 million. EUR dividends, or 3.4 cents per share.

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