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An exciting time to be in the world that is changing since the Big Bang. Now easy in fast. Now just in exhilarating. For everything that men had believed for a long time (master race, the superiority of the man, the white, the markets, the indigenous allocation of a place in the hierarchy) seems overridden.

The ruling class, a wonderful concept that has gone out of fashion, is worried about the preservation of the state, which it wanted to abolish previously with nimble energy and perseverance. Why pay for a state, if you can privatize everything, she asked herself. Had. Until the last Ayn Rand fan seemed to realize: Does it really catch that if, out of our moat, we do not have any left for financial reasons to buy the shit we make? Is that great when there is no water behind the moat, because we have privatized it, and with our own stinginess we are not willing to pay for it, to rule wars? Civil wars, revolution and apropos.

When writing this text is Mother's Day. High live the mothers! For example, the new ADAC presidium, which looks like the old presidium, only with other ties. Hurray of this time, where men stare helplessly at the complete seizure of power by women.

And the great thing about our time is that this picture, which seemed completely normal just a few years ago, today contributes to the great amusement of many thinking people. Despite all attempts to prevent a change of the earth towards more justice – it does not succeed properly.

The slide of Europe into global insignificance can not be stopped. For too long, gentlemen with stupid neckties have done what they do by virtue of their conviction of being in possession of the truth: everything as always. Fear of change. Fear of loss of power, fear of ties, which at night to octopuses, fear just. The impression of the next man always on the plan. The devaluation of everything feminine, the devaluation of everything that differs from the norm state – that is, male and straight. Dito.

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The insignificance, apropos. If there is a force that will keep Europe alive even in times of global unimportance, it is women. They are accustomed to insignificance, they know themselves by force and domination, they still live, despite all the efforts of men to eradicate them. But now I've landed again with men and women. A completely overhauled pseudo-battle theme.

The time in which we live does not differ from a few centimeters of meat more or less, but it separates ridiculous and the others. They did not understand that everything changes. Without rating. And clinging to the past is always a sign of illness, or fear, or stupidity, or all together. Darwin said that it is not the strongest people who survive, but those who are ready to change. That only marginally. A happy weekend!


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