Siemens boss: "Kiffender colleague in the USA" – Joe Kaeser insulted Elon Musk

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"Kiffender colleague in USA" – Joe Kaeser insulted Elon Musk

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Gerhard Hegmann

Fly with "Starship" to any place in our solar system

SpaceX boss Elon Musk has presented a new spaceship. It should bring people and cargo to the moon or Mars and back, with 100 seats. The visionary does not just make friends with his plans.

Joe Kaeser has already caused quite a stir on Twitter. Now he criticizes the technology entrepreneur Elon Musk – and his deputy. He had recently vowed the Tesla boss exuberantly.

eIt's one of the golden rules that companies should not publicly criticize their customers. Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser has now just buttoned the Tesla CEO and space operator Elon Musk – a major customer of the German group.

Kaeser obviously has little left for him. Without mentioning Musk directly by name, Kaeser writes: "Amusing opinion forming in our country: If a German CEO is proactively aligning his company with the future, he is considered 'pathetic' or 'philosophical'. When a whistling colleague in the US talks about Peter's Moon Ride, he is an avid visionary. "

The real impact of Kaeser's message is that his recently appointed deputy Roland Busch recently met Musk in the US. The presumably future Siemens boss Busch called Musk after the meeting in a Twitter message as "true visionary of our time".

He talked to him about topics such as future mobility, fast charging of e-cars, new manufacturing methods and rocket technology. Busch writes that the German company is proud to support "Elon's most exciting dreams".

As far as we know, Siemens supplied special software to the SpaceX spacecraft years ago and supports Tesla production with automation technology. There are also starting points in the energy sector. Musk is considered the clock of the space industry and a pioneer in e-cars.

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Kaeser wrote the short message the day after the Siemens press conference. It was already clear there that Kaeser by no means takes the subject of his successor regulation calmly. He emphasized that it will not be until the summer of 2020 that the Supervisory Board will decide whether Chief Technology Officer Busch will actually succeed him. Kaeser opened a back door. If he were willing to extend that again, that would not be a time span of five years, he said.

Kaeser nevertheless spoke of the first "orderly succession planning for 15 years at Siemens". The decision as to who actually heads the Siemens team in the future lies with the Supervisory Board. Busch made it clear on the sidelines of the press conference that he was ready to serve as Siemens boss.

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