Siemens will supply the agilis with 23 Mireo units for operation in Bavaria

For higher performance, the units will be equipped with two additional drive axles.

Siemens Mobility has won another large order for the supply of Mireo electrical units. Agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH & Co will supply a total of 23 four-car units by the end of 2024.

The carrier belonging to the private company BeNEX will operate passenger trains with them in the Regensburg / Donautal operating group, in particular on the new RE 50 (Nuremberg – Regensburg – Plattling) and RB 51 (Neumarkt – Regensburg – Plattling) lines.

Siemens announced a new contract in a press release. “With the Mireo units from Siemens, agilis had a clear edge over the competition in evaluating the quality of the bids submitted in the competition organized by the Bavarian public transport customer BEG for the Regensburg / Donautal network.” said Michael Vulpius, CEO of the parent company BeNEX. According to the company, the emphasis is on high comfort for passengers.

Agilis still operates 26 Alstom Coradia Continental electrical units in Bavaria and 38 RegioShutttle RS 1 motor vehicles in the Dieselnetz Franken operating group.

Unlike other Siemens Mireo units sold, agilis vehicles will be equipped with two additional drive axles. The new, more powerful version of the unit is intended to allow higher acceleration. The new Mireo units have 216 seats. For example, each entrance door has a multi-purpose space, which is also not limited by folding seats. All vehicles are equipped with barrier-free access for passengers with reduced mobility and orientation. In addition, there is a wheelchair platform on board the vehicle, which allows the truck to enter and exit at stations with lower platforms. A large number of luggage racks make it easier for passengers to store their suitcases. The real-time passenger information system displays current arrival and departure times, transfer options at individual stops. Vehicles will have a specially modified window glass surface to improve mobile signal reception. In addition, free wifi will be available for train passengers. The units will be manufactured at the Siemens plant in Krefeld.

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