Sigmar Gabriel apparently does not run again for the Bundestag

Sigmar Gabriel

For eight years Gabriel was party chairman of the SPD.

(Photo: AP)

DusseldorfThe former SPD chairman and vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel plans probably no return to the Bundestag, reports the "Tagesspiegel". At the beginning of May, he informed the three chairmen of his regional district associations that he would no longer stand for parliamentary elections in the next federal election in 2021.

Some time ago, the 59-year-old made the decision to withdraw from politics, the daily newspaper reports. Before the upcoming European elections, however, he had wanted to make this public, so as not to influence the election campaign. The SPD should be given enough time to find a new candidate. Gabriel himself did not comment on the news.

Furthermore, the "Tagesspiegel" reports that efforts of the regional SPD representatives to have Gabriel retaliate had failed. "We are very sorry because it will be difficult to keep its results. But you can already understand that he no longer wants to do the theater in Berlin, "said one of the participants. Whether he retains his parliamentary mandate until the end of the current legislative period or withdraws before, remains unanswered for the time being.

In 1990 Gabriel moved into the Lower Saxony state parliament for the first time. In 2005 he received in his constituency Salzgitter-Wolfenbüttel direct mandate and moved to the Bundestag. Until 2009 he worked under Angela Merkel (CDU) as Federal Environment Minister, from 2013 he joined the Ministry of Economic Affairs. He then became Foreign Minister in 2017. In addition, Gabriel was chairman of the SPD for eight years before he left office in March 2017.

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