Silent Hill is extra mistig in fan project met Unreal Engine 5

Fans of the franchise have been waiting endlessly for it. About ten years ago the last Silent Hill game appeared on the market and unfortunately it was not a game that upheld the standard of the franchise.

The appearance of PT in 2014 brought hope again, but as soon as that hope appeared, it was gone. Arriving in 2022 we still have no new, concrete information about a new part. It takes so long, in fact, that the fans themselves have started working on a remake of Silent Hill in the Unreal Engine 5. This ensures extra sharp HD fog and carnage.

The video below mainly shows atmospheric images and little actual gameplay. The creepy atmosphere soon becomes clear and we see that the makers, Codeless Studio, have also remained faithful to the former, fixed camera points of view.

Hopefully this will encourage those actually working on an official Silent Hill release to show their progress so far. According to the latest rumors is this Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Sony, although that is very debatable as Kojima also works with other things is busy.

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