Health "Silently killing" .. A strange and mysterious effect of...

“Silently killing” .. A strange and mysterious effect of the Coronavirus confuses the doctors!

A suspicious mystery about a strange condition afflicting “Covid-19” patients confused doctors and led them to question the fundamental principles of biology.

It turns out that some Corona patients do not seem to be in real distress, but have low enough oxygen levels to cause unconsciousness, or even death.

This phenomenon, known to some as the “happy hypoxia” (some prefer the term “silent”), raises questions about how the virus attacks the lungs, and whether there can be more effective ways to treat these patients.

It is expected that a healthy person will have oxygen saturation of at least 95%. But doctors report patients who enter intensive care with oxygen levels in the 1980s or 1970s, with some severe cases less than 50%.

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Scientists reveal corona's association with an abnormal state

“It is interesting to see how many people suffer from hypoxia. We see oxygen saturation very low and they don’t realize it,” said Dr. Jonathan Banard Smith, a critical care and anesthesia consultant at Manchester Royal Hospital. Flu or pneumonia. It is much deeper and an example of abnormal physiology, which occurs before our eyes. “

Dr. Mike Charlesworth, an anesthetist at the Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, said that while other lung conditions can cause severe hypoxia, these patients usually look very sick. He added: “With pneumonia or pulmonary embolism they will not sit in bed talking to you. We just do not understand it. We do not know if it causes organ damage and we cannot detect it.”

Charlesworth had a personal experience of the condition, while suffering from “Covid-19” in March. After his condition became bad with coughing and fever, he spent 48 hours in bed, as there were signs that he was hypoxic, he said.

“I was sending very strange messages on my phone. I felt completely delirious. Looking back, I should have gone to the hospital. I am sure the oxygen levels were low. My wife said that my lips were very dark. But I was probably With hypoxia, and my brain may not be working very well. “

Mike recovered after a few days in bed, but he and others realize that not all cases have positive results.

An anesthesiologist at a London hospital, who spoke anonymously, recalled a patient who had come to the A&E Center saying she had been cold. He said: “When we got the tracking devices into their body, their saturation was 30% of the air. We obviously thought this was a mistake, as patients are more likely to have heart conditions associated with hypoxia.” But when a blood sample was taken, it was found that the oxygen levels were equal to those seen in people who had adapted to high altitudes. The patient was placed on a ventilator and survived for a week before her death.

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What does an autopsy reveal for people with coronavirus?What does an autopsy reveal for people with coronavirus?

And with conventional medical wisdom says that as oxygen supplies drop, the heart, brain, and other vital organs are at risk – and the effect is believed to be cumulative. Usually, patients lose consciousness without oxygen saturation by 75%.

However, it’s not the low oxygen levels themselves that make people feel short of breath. Instead, the body senses the high levels of carbon dioxide that usually occur at one time, because the lungs are unable to efficiently dispose of gas. But for some Covid-19 patients, this response does not seem to have started.

Banard Smith said: “I don’t think any of us expect that what we see can be interpreted through one process.”

Swelling and inflammation in the lungs may make it difficult for oxygen to enter the bloodstream. There is also emerging evidence that “Covid-19” can cause blood clotting.

Some have suggested that since people are often unaware of low oxygen levels, those with symptoms of the Corona virus should be given a pulse oximeter, which is a simple device that is attached to the finger and can be used to detect oxygen levels. However, there is as yet no evidence that early detection of hypoxia will help avoid severe results, and Charlesworth said that the practicalities would be difficult.

Source: The Guardian


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