Silvia Pinal asks Frida Sofía to stop attacking Alejandra Guzmán

Frida Sofía has used social networks to respond to her family.


Mexican actress Silvia Pinal sent a message to her granddaughter Frida Sofia after the war of declarations that he has sustained against his mother Alejandra Guzmán and with his grandfather, he also singer Enrique Guzmán, on social networks.

They must be very unpleasant things, I do not know what Frida is doing, but what a shame, that she is not going to get into such a mess because her mother and father are for life, “he declared.

The matriarch of this dynasty of actresses and singers did not wait to be fully recovered and since your convalescence Due to the hip operation she underwent a few weeks ago, she decided to advise her granddaughter.

Previously, Frida Sofía has used social networks to respond to her relatives, including her grandfather Enrique Guzman, who thought that she is already grown up and should take out the talent and not just advertise herself by speaking ill of her mother.

Talking about whether I have pubic hair or not, he dammit knows, what’s wrong ?, morbid old man … it is not the first time that he refers to my private parts and it disgusts me, it disturbs me “, answered the young woman at the time.


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