Silvia Pinal pulls her claws against her granddaughter Frida Sofía for attacks on Alejandra Guzmán

The great actress and host Silvia Pinal, she had remained distant from the controversy that arose last 2019 between her daughter and granddaughter, Alejandra Guzmán and Frida sofia.

The multiple times that the actress was questioned about the strong statements that the young woman singer made about the rocker, he had made it clear that “he was not going to make any comment on that topic”.

The famous actress Mexican tried above all things to protect “family matters” and not fall into the game of “dimes and diretes” especially because both her daughter and granddaughter are sacred subjects and did not want anything she said to be misinterpreted .

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Despite the fact that the singer’s daughter has no close relationship to the actress 88 years old, Silvia Pinal any good or bad comments had been reserved.

However, in the face of increasingly strong statements that the recent singer Frida has performed against the daughter of the actress, Silvia broke the silence and sends him a clear message.

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In the face of what could be called a “cold war” between Frida sofia and Alexandra, the actress Silvia Pinal She talks about it and asks her granddaughter to stop all this controversy now.

They must be very unpleasant things, I do not know what Frida is doing, but what a shame, that she is not going to get into such a mess because her mother and father are for life, “he declared.

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From her still convalescence from her recent hip operation to which she was subjected in recent days, the actress He sent a wise tip to his granddaughter, who has been branded by various users on networks as “crazy” and “capricious”.

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However, it is highly likely that the advice of the actress do not cause any change in the artist since in recent days, the young woman also starred in an altercation with her grandfather, Don Enrique Guzmán who even insulted her for all the attacks against her mother, the rock singer.

The artist, believed that he is already great and should take out the talent and not just advertise himself by speaking ill of his mother.

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After this, Frida who has used social networks to respond to their families shared an image in which he appears next to the singer and in which he shared a controversial message.

Talking about whether I have pubic hair or not, he dammit knows, what’s wrong ?, morbid old man … it is not the first time that he refers to my private parts and it disgusts me, it disturbs me “, answered the young woman at the time.


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