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Simán confirms that the police and military arrived to close the maquila that made masks | News from El Salvador

In a statement, the president of ANEP assured that the mask and medical supplies factory closed before the arbitrariness of authorities sent by a decision “from above”.

Maquila Intradesa S.A. de C.V closed its operations this Thursday, May 14 at night when a group of police and military arbitrarily arrived to close the company, said Javier Simán, president of the National Association for Private Enterprise (ANEP).

“It is a company that was producing medical masks and gabachas, even for the government itself and others for export, but as they say it is a decision ‘from above’; We would hope that such arbitrary decisions are not repeated … The issue is that the police arrive and the military arrive to close that company in an unprecedented way, “Simán questioned.


The lawyer and president of ANEP said that although a relative of his is the owner of the maquila, he has no longer had ties to the company for five years and hopes that the Ministry of Labor will fulfill its role and investigate this case.

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Simán pointed out arbitrariness in the closure of the factory authorized to manufacture masks, located in Soyapango on the Army boulevard, which leaves hundreds of workers unemployed.

Simán questioned the arbitrary way with which the government decides, in this emergency, who operates and who does not. “We have seen it in other types of companies, so we call on the government; For that there are the appropriate instances and it seems that it was not the instruction of the Ministry of Labor, “he said.

ANEP issued a statement condemning the attack, harassment and smear campaign against the private company in order to intimidate and delegitimize it.

He indicates that he is using the state’s coercive apparatus to “silence the right to freedom of expression” in the face of criticism that the sector has made of the government for the mismanagement of the crisis during the pandemic.

Intradesa is part of the American Association American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), which represents more than 1,000 clothing and shoe brands worldwide.

These companies had received state permits to produce medical equipment, but when the special quarantine began, work was suspended, leading the Association’s CEO to urgently request the country to let them continue operating to supply personal protective equipment in El Salvador and the United States, where the garments were being shipped.

About, a spokesman for the US embassy in the country, he expressed:“The company in question has ties to the United States and we are dialoguing with all those involved to find possible solutions to the situation.”

In El Salvador it has seven production plants: two in San Ana, two more in the Zona Franca San Bartolo, two in Soyapango and one in Apopa where approximately 7,000 people work.

Since the national emergency began, the company adapted all its facilities and created disinfection areas to guarantee the health of its employees.

He has more than 25 years of making mostly sportswear. Its total production goes to export.



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