Since October 12, the price of a gallon of extra gasoline rises by $ 0.11 and diesel by $ 0.04 | Economy | News

The gallon of extra will sell for $ 2.50 and diesel for $ 1.69. The update of the values ​​will be valid until November 11.

Fuels are rising in price again. From October 12, gas stations will sell the gallon of diesel at $ 1,698 and extra and extra gasoline with ethanol will be sold at $ 2,502. The rates will be in effect until November 11.

As every month, the values ​​were updated by the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, based on a system that depends on the fluctuation of the international price of oil.

The new prices mean a $ 0.11 increase in the case of extra gasoline and extra with ethanol, while for diesel the increase is $ 0.04 compared to rates that were in effect through October 11.

Refering to super gasoline, prices are liberalized; the Agency does not set values. (I)

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