Singer Américo stars in a traffic accident in Florida

The singer Domingo Vega Urzúa, known in the environment as Americo, starred in a traffic accident in the commune of La Florida.

According to the initial background, the accident occurred minutes before the start of the curfew that governs the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Vega Urzúa (or Américo, as you prefer) hit a post and then an address with his Audi.

“By María Angélica street to the east and upon reaching the Olga Salas street, for causes under investigation, he lost control of the car, hitting a street light pole and the perimeter wall of a private house, ”explained Carabineros captain Andrea Viveros.

After that, the artist was detained at the 61st police station in La Florida, although he was later warned. In other words, free and waiting to be summoned by justice.

“The legal situation of our client is being evaluated and analyzed,” said Vega Urzúa’s lawyer, Rodrigo Toledo.

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