Singer León Leiden focuses on the present

The singer Leon Leiden He seeks to leave positive messages in his music, he also believes that it is time to have an open mind and think only about the present, because improving what we have today is how we can envision a better future.

“You have to have an open mind and it is a good time to let go of this mentality of always thinking ahead and thinking that I want to earn a lot of money in the future and I want to have everything, otherwise you have to start working today, that can be used to make tomorrow better ”, he tells EL UNIVERSAL.

“I think you have to keep an open mind because one thing is the calendar of this that is happening, which are already historical facts and the other is reality, I think the new year does something positive in terms of people’s mentality I think the optimism of the people is very great, so you have to be ready for whatever it is ”, he deepens.

On the other hand, he comments that people must also accept reality and find a way to live in a new normal, because no one knows what will happen after having applied the vaccine. “… As for the vaccine, I am just someone who makes music, but there are two scenarios, one the vaccine works and everything returns to normal without consequences and two the vaccine does not work and we adapt to living with the presence of this virus, the work is going to a retroviral treatment of painkillers, it would be the way to help the sick and the world takes over too, but you always have to work in the now, it is a time to think about the now, and not have the mentality that to do in a month, “he says.

And despite the stones that cross his path, the singer explains that he will continue on the path of music, without thinking of surpassing other exponents of the urban genre or reaching thousands of listeners on the platforms, he just wants Do what you love and share it with the people who support you.

“Despite the bad things I have had, I have never wanted to leave this, I am not good at dancing, I am not the best in sports, nor am I the most organized to be a lawyer or an accountant, I feel that if I have a role and if it exists this of having a function in life is to express myself through music and there will be a time when people will continue to support me and I am very grateful and in the moments that I will not be looking to participate in music in one way or another “, he says .

“I think urban is a very popular language and I think that if you have an important message to communicate in the general public, urban is a good way to do it, but I don’t think you have to see it as competition because it is unhealthy for yourself. I am looking for a clearer way and to be consistent in what I want to communicate, without losing the possible essence and the truth is, I am not someone who sets the goal of reaching so many numbers of listeners ”, he confesses.

At the moment, he is promoting his most recent single called “Desde que te vi” with Manuel Medrano, which is already available on all digital platforms.



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