Singer opens up about weight loss and family plans


Ricki-Lee Coulter has no children, and he wants you to stop asking him.

In 2014 Coulter made headlines when a "callous" question pushed her to reveal in a radio interview that she and now her husband Rich Harrison had no intention of ever having children.

Five years later and Coulter said Stellar his "completely personal" decision is still discussed and dissected.

"For me, it's simply: I don't want children. People on the street ask me: & # 39; When are you and Rich who have children? & # 39; Stop!" Coulter said.

reported: Ian & # 39; Dicko & # 39; Dickson pours it all with the account of an Australian idol

Despite having decided not to have children, the only time Australian idol the competitor is not lacking in younger relatives.

"My mother and sister have had children around the same time. I love being an aunt. We'll be up all night eating pizza, we'll wake up and make a bowl of ice cream for breakfast and we'll send you back to your parents – bye, "said Coulter.

Another story that the singer still sings about is her weight loss – in 2009, Coulter lost 30 kilograms, but is still a protagonist in the stories about her.

"The fact that he's still part of a title after 10 years amazes me. I put on some weight because I was angry and divorced. I was eating emotionally. I was living a very unhealthy life, drinking a lot, eating garbage. Everything was out of danger. Then I lost the weight, "he said.

"And I didn't lose weight for Rich – it was my decision. The balance shifted because I was happy and I met someone who was a great person and my life changed for that."

Coulter will return to TV screens later this month as a host Australia's Got Talent and will embark on different tour dates throughout Australia for the rest of the year.

Coulter was a competitor in the 2004 Australian Idol season, reaching the top seven before it was eliminated.

She continued to release four solo albums and was for a short time a member of the female group Young Divas.

Stellar is now available on The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun and The Sunday Mail



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