Singing 2020: Sofi Morandi, the tribute to La Floppy and the surprising tweet of Marcelo Tinelli Credit: Screenshot

Sofi Morandi and Bruno Coccia were the second to go on the track of the Singing 2020. “Singing costs me more, this track makes me really want to dance,” said the former champion of “Dancing for a dream,” somewhat nervous about the new challenge.

The drivers, Laura Fernández and Ángel De Brito explained, later, that this day was very special for Sofi, because she was very close to La Floppy, the funny collaborator of Lizy Tagliani who died on Monday after fighting leukemia. “We found out very late, by a message from Lourdes (Sánchez). We already knew that Flopita was wrong,” explained the young actress, moved.

Fernández explained, then, that the production proposed that she sing another day, but that Morandi preferred to do it tonight, as a kind of tribute to her friend. “It is impossible not to remember an anecdote without making us laugh. We are going to miss her very much,” he said. De Brito then presented a clip to remember her. “I want to thank Lizy for keeping us up to date. Today she said, ‘I loved you because Flopy told me how much she loved you.'”

The couple then sang a cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. The first to give her return was Nacha Guevara. The interpreter of “Los patitos feos” indicated: “I predicted that you were going to be the champion. The two sing very well, but what happened had not happened. Bruno, you are very tall and thin, and singers like you It’s hard to hold on to the floor. You even lost your rhythm a little. Work on it, on your posture, on your shoulders. You sing very well. You are going to do very well. “

Laurita Fernández proposed, then, that Nacha explain how she should advance while singing; he tried a couple of times, but Guevara decided to show her how to do the walk herself. “I also have that problem, that’s why I recognize it,” he said as he taught him. Her score: a 7.

“I want to focus more on emotion. When Bruno started singing you moved me, and it is the first time it happened to me. You transmitted with your voice and with your face. It is very difficult to sing while being stressed, after having seen the video and getting excited. I hope for something more, Sofi can use the falsetto more “, expressed Karina” La Princesita “(9).

“I thought it was something magnificent. I don’t like them singing in English because they don’t pronounce well and people don’t understand what they are saying; in my tests I don’t allow them to do so. They seemed brilliant to me. They are young. The Nacha walk has to do with the experience, and you have that too. I really liked it, “said Pepe Cibrián (9).

At that time, De Brito announced that Marcelo Tinelli had tweeted in favor of what Cibrián had just expressed. “I don’t like music sung in English,” wrote the founder of LaFlia. Nacha Guevara also agreed: “Spanish is a wonderful language that allows it to be more melodious.”

Lastly, Moria Casán, owner during this round of the secret vote, said: “The boys have very good energy, they are still not contaminated from the outside. I loved Bruno. There was a moment of a failure when you wanted to accompany her. They sing better than Adele at a concert, because it always fails live. “



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