Singles Day for everyone !?

Trademark protection for Singles Day

German retailers such as Douglas and Media Markt also want the Singles Day, which comes from China, on November 11th. use it to seduce customers into making spontaneous purchases with discounts. The use of the brand is restricted to retailers who give Singles Day a chance and want to use it as a discount campaign. A look at the register of the Patent and Trademark Office does not necessarily give the green light: The term Singles Day is not registered as a trademark in Germany. The fashion retailer Bonprix tried, but the application was rejected. The application for the word mark “SiNGLES TAG-WORLD SiNGLES DAY AM FRÜHLINGSANFANG” was also withdrawn.

However, the term Singles Day is a word and figurative mark in the international trademark register for the company Depot safe from France registered. Among other things, jewelry, jewelery items as well as precious stones and watches are affected. We are not aware of any warnings in this context, but caution is advised here if products in particular are offered in this segment. Without consulting a trademark law attorney, today’s discount campaign could still catch your eye. It would be a shame if Singles Day legally became the next Black Friday.


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