Sinopharm vaccine volunteers prepare lawsuit against Peruvian government for not receiving second dose

The Office of the Ombudsman of Peru said Tuesday that it is preparing a lawsuit against the state from 175 healthcare professionals and china vaccine volunteers Sinopharm, who say they have not received their second dose amid a recent VIP vaccination scandal.

Sinopharm began its trials of the Covid-19 vaccine with about 12,000 volunteers, who should receive two doses or the placebo, according to the Peruvian university Cayetano Heredia, in charge of the process in the country.

In December, Peru temporarily suspended the trials for a “serious adverse event” in a volunteer and in January the study house reported the death of one of them who had a “chronic disease” and had received a placebo.

Criticism of the trials erupted in February, when it became known that around 480 high-ranking officials, their families, consultants and businessmen received the vaccine outside of the trials and before the official inoculation process, a scandal that led to the resignation of two ministers.

The Ombudsman’s Office affirmed that some 175 health professionals and at the same time volunteers “are waiting to receive the second dose of the vaccine, a fact that exposes them to a greater degree to the contagion of Covid-19”; and he urged the Government to take “immediate action” for his inoculations.

Otherwise – the Ombudsman said in a statement – “they will be obliged to present, in a short time, a claim for protection in defense of their rights to equality and health.”

Representatives of the Peruvian university and the Chinese embassy in Lima They were not immediately available for comment.

Peru reported in January an agreement with Sinopharm to buy 38 million doses of vaccines. In February he received one million doses and the government announced a batch of two million doses for March. But last week the prime minister, Violeta BermúdezHe said that now “they have no scheduled date” for the receipt of the pending vaccines from the Chinese firm.

The Andean nation, of some 33 million inhabitants, has also received 367,000 doses of Pfizer within a direct agreement with the laboratory and the Covax Facility.

The drop-in arrival of vaccines occurs at the height of the second wave of the coronavirus, with 1.5 million infections and just over 50,000 deaths from the disease.

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