Sira Rego: the "brave" European parliamentarian of Palestinian origin working in municipal management

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A Sira Rego (Valencia, 1973) his voice has not trembled to publicly censure that the authorities “are not up to the task” in the face of “the war crimes and ethnic cleansing that are taking place in the Gaza Strip“and demand “a clear condemnation.” Palestinian fatherthe new Minister of Children and Youth He spent part of his childhood in a territory now besieged by the bombs of the Israeli Army, whose cause he defends with the firmness that characterizes him.

Those who know this MEP and federal spokesperson for IU agree in describing her as a “rugged” politician with “solid convictions” that she expresses every time she has the opportunity, but also “respectful” in the face of divergences. Those around her assure that these qualities provide “added value” to the coalition government in a legislature that is expected to be particularly tense.

Graduate in Nutrition and Dieteticsthe political career of Rego started in 2007 as councilor at the City Hall Rivas Vaciamadridwhere she became first deputy mayor between 2015 and 2019. Experienced in municipal management, she has been responsible for the areas of Housing, Environmental Sustainability, Parks and Gardens, Urban Mobility and Transportation and Citizen Security.

For four years he has held a seat in the European Parliament, where he stands out for his “active participation” and his “commitment to multiple causes,” according to sources from this institution. He holds the vice-presidency of the Left Group, is part of the delegation for Relations with the Countries of Central America and the Parliamentary Assembly of the EU-United Kingdom Association and is also a member of the Industry, Research and Energy and that of Requests.

The mayor of Rivas Vaciamadrid during the time when Rego was the number two of the municipal government, Pedro del Cura, highlights her “ability to reach agreements”, to “empathize” and to “carefully manage discrepancies.” “Her skill is going to be very good for relations within Sumar, with the PSOE and with the rest of the political forces in a legislature that is going to be very complex,” says her former co-worker.

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