We now know the identity of the whistleblower who revealed that Siri was “listening” to certain private conversations of users ofiPhone (Employees of an Apple subcontractor could hear these conversations for the stated purpose of improving the assistant’s performance): Thomas le Bonniec, former employee of one of these subcontractors and now a reporter for the news channel The media, wrote to all European regulatory authorities in protest at Apple’s legal “impunity” in this case: “I am extremely concerned that large tech companies are tapping entire populations despite the fact that European citizens have learned that the EU has one of the strictest data protection laws in the world. Passing a law is not enough: it must be applied to privacy breachers. ”

Thomas the Bonniec is Siri’s wiretapping whistleblower. The journalist produced a program for Le Media entitled “How Apple listens to you constantly”

By the way, Thomas le Bonniec reiterates some of the accusations he had made a few months ago on condition of anonymity: the employees who worked in the “improvement” department of Siri could record whole areas of conversation, recordings attached to certain user information, such as location, name, address, etc. Certain recorded conversations concerned sexuality, religion, even commercial transactions. Following the very bad buzz generated by the case, Apple had changed the listening procedures: now, the user of an iPhone / iPad or Apple Watch must explicitly agree to be able to be “listened to”.