Sister Britney Spears’ lawyer ACCUSES HER in the media: “You give me DEATH THREATS”

In November last year, the 13-year-long tutelage over Britney Spears. In court, the singer told about her life under the “care” of her father. A picture emerged from this a long-term nightmare with violence in the background.

Following her freedom, Britney said she was considering suing her family. The artist is not only in sharp conflict with her father and mother, but also with his younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who is currently promoting her biography.

Lawyer Matthew S. Rosengart behalf Britney wrote a letter of request to Jamie Lynn stop using your sister for book promotion and threatened a lawsuit.

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Jamie Lynn believes, however, that if someone is at fault, it is her older sister. The 30-year-old hired a lawyer who sent a letter to Britney’s attorney. The content of the letter is quoted on TMZ’s website.

Advocate Bryan Freedman in it he claims it Britney and her lawyer “attacked Jamie Lynn”. He cites excerpts from the star’s recent posts on social media, in which this vulgarly she spoke to her sister. There were, among others, such statements as “I should have beaten her big” or “slapped her and mother in those fucking faces”.

Jamie Lynn’s lawyer accuses Britney of turning her fans against his client.

Social media posts that contain cyberbullying that result in the Jamie Lynn and her family receive death threats will not be tolerated – he points out.

Freedman adds that before posting the letter Rosengart should read the book in question. He called the fact that he didn’t do it “funny”. In his opinion, if he did, he would see that the celebrity speaks pleasantly about Britney as “good, supportive and caring sister”.

The attorney also calls it “disappointing” that Rosengart’s magazine was made public in the media. In his opinion, the other side it is not seeking a truce.

This is not the way to resolve the dispute and fix broken relationships – writes.

You believe Jamie Lynn really cares about a truce?

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