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LEBAK, – Regent Lebak Iti Octavia Jayabaya was angry while attending a plenary meeting at the Lebak Regency DPRD Building, Banten, Monday (7/9/2020).

Iti burst out with anger when answering accusations from DPRD members who said that the regional government did not appreciate the death of Lebak DPRD Chairman Dindin Nurohmat.

Initially, the plenary meeting regarding the 2020 budget changes was normal.

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However, on the sidelines of the meeting, an interruption occurred from one of the DPRD members, namely Musa Weliansyah.

Musa admitted that he was concerned about the way the body of the Head of Parliament was managed.

From the information he got, no protocol was carried out during the procession of delivering the corpse to the funeral.

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According to Musa, no government representatives were present at the funeral, not even from the sub-district side.

“It’s sad that I see no different from ordinary people, even though they are the leaders of all of us,” he said.

Iti responded directly to Musa’s interruption during a speech at the podium.

Iti contradicts what Moses said.

Iti even accused back, that many members of the Lebak DPRD were not present.

“I see there are only three members of the DPR there. We have standby from morning to evening waiting for confirmation of the body of the DPRD Speaker in Maja, because we heard that the body will be brought to Maja, then to Panggarangan, “said Iti.

Iti said that his party was first present at the funeral home and was waiting for confirmation about the body of the DPRD chairman who was still in Serpong.

According to Iti, at the funeral home also attended the police chief and the commander of the Lebak Military Command.

They are all waiting for the body to arrive.

“So if you say we don’t respect and respect, you are wrong. In fact, I see that these gentlemen were not there to condolences with their families,” said Iti.

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In front of the podium, Iti asked Musa not to underestimate his accusation.

He also asked Musa not to find a stage for the death of the chairman of the DPRD Lebak.

“Pak Musa, do not think of me as trivial and weak. I know that Pak Musa always puts down, discredits me on social media. I know because Pak Musa wants to find a stage for this problem,” said Iti.

Iti then reiterated his statement.

“I wrote down Mr. Musa, how do you discredit me as Regent of Lebak. I know. Please note Mr. Musa,” said Iti.

Iti then ended his high-pitched words with an apology.

Iti admitted that he was carried away with emotion and hoped that all parties would have mutual prejudice on any issue.

“So from now on let us have a good prejudice against anything. Do not because of dislike of someone, let alone politics, cut our ties of friendship,” said Iti.

Based on monitoring, after the plenary meeting, Iti and Musa shook hands as they left the room.


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