Six extra months of citizenship income: who will have it

The Citizenship Income will be enhanced for the earners who decide to go on your own starting a business. INPS has published instructions for requesting up to six additional months which will be paid in a single solution. The disputed measure will be turbo-charged despite the fact that in recent months there has been no lack of inquiries into the “crafty ones”, the lack of in-depth checks and the absence of an authentic program of active labor policies for the millions of Italians who are entitled to support . The institutive law of the institute dear to the 5-star Movement immediately provided concrete help for those who had decided to decline their entrepreneurial ambitions: between one postponement and another, however, it was not possible to fully implement the law. A delay that ended up undermining the potential of the allowance reserved for the weakest sections of the population.

To be able to request the RdC bonus, certain conditions must be respected. The application must arrive within the twelfth month of use of the treatment provided by theInps. The measure will be calculated taking into account the average value of the subsidy to which you are entitled. No differences will be made between those who decide to open a VAT position or who will set up a cooperative together with other members. Space also for the earners who will opt for a partnership between persons or a limited liability company. Anyone willing to start their own business must pay particular attention to the terms. It is in fact necessary that the activity is activated within twelve months of receiving the first INPS transfer: those who wait until the last useful moment could therefore have difficulties of an objective nature. There is also a stake for those who have already dressed as an entrepreneur. To be entitled to the sums it is essential: “Not having ceased, in the 12 months preceding the request for the additional benefit, an autonomous or individual business activity, or have not subscribed, in the same period, a share of the share capital of a cooperative in which the mutual relationship has as its object the performance of work by the member, with the exception of the portion for which the additional benefit is requested “.

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The instructions released in the last few hours by INPS explain that to apply it will be necessary to follow the instructions on the social security institution’s website. Alternatively, it will be possible to contact a tax assistance center or a patronage. The rules specify that the extension of income may be requested even after the establishment of a business. The recipient will be responsible for communicating the change within thirty days. An automatism that risks favoring those who will start activities with the sole purpose of guaranteeing a bank transfer that can reach up to 4680 euros. To avoid being asked for the return of the sums it will be enough to remain formally in business – or maintain the status of member of a cooperative – for at least twelve months.

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