Six hours in traumatology – Due to Linkaita’s tweet, the situation will be discussed in the Saeima

In connection with the entry of the Minister of Transport Far Linkait (JKP) on the microblogging site “Twitter” about the long wait in line for the reception of the traumatology department on Tuesday, August 11, has been convened The Saeima Meeting of the Public Health Subcommittee of the Social and Labor Affairs Commission.

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Linkaits had previously recorded on Twitter that he was “participating in a social experiment”, checking how many hours he had to wait to be admitted to the trauma department. His experience shows that he had to wait six hours before meeting in the doctor’s office.

The Minister of Transport has been critical of the organization of work and the flow of visitors and the premises, which, although new, are too narrow for those waiting.

Linkaits praised the work of the medical staff, calling it fast, polite and professional.

Invited to the sitting of the Saeima subcommittee Ministry of Health, Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospitals representatives and Linkaits to discuss the situation.

The sitting will take place at 1 pm in remote video conferencing format.

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