Six police officers injured during a chaotic demonstration against the coronation measures in Sweden

The demonstration at Medborgarplatsen was in violation of the infection control rules, which only allow eight people to gather for outdoor events in the Swedish capital.

The protesters in the center of Stockholm did not follow the police’s request to leave the square, but instead began marching towards Kungsträdgården, reports Aftonbladet.

Several police officers were injured in the demonstration.

– Our preliminary figures are around 50 expelled people, three reported crimes and six injured police officers, one of whom has been sent to hospital, says operations manager Anna Nilsson on Saturday night.

Swedish newspapers wrote that it was chaotic on the spot. According to one of Expressen’s photographers, opposition to the police was growing.

– There has been an extremely upset atmosphere, said Alex Ljungdahl.

AGAINST: Hundreds of people demonstrate against the coronary restrictions in Stockholm. Photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT / NTB

CANCEL: Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT / NTB

The demonstration is organized by the organization Frihet Sverige. They believe the coronary restrictions are an attack on people’s freedom and demand that they be abolished.

The banners read, among other things, “self-censorship”, “Swedes are sick”, “stop 5G” and “propaganda is the real virus”.

The police stated in advance that the marking could be held, but that it would be dissolved if more than eight people gathered.

A large police force showed up at Medborgarplatsen for the demonstration.

Around 1000 people had signed up for the event called “Tusenmannamarschen” via Facebook. The news agency TT’s reporter on the spot estimates that about half showed up.

The demonstrators shouted slogans such as “Freedom, Sweden” and “We have had enough”.

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