Six PTNs Still Open for Independent Registration until July with KIP Lectures or Non-KIP

How to register for KIP Lectures for the 2022 Independent Path in both PTN and PTS. (Source: Getty Image via

Writer : Fransisca Natalia | Editor : Desy Afrianti

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The independent path is one of the entry routes for State Universities (PTN) held by each PTN.

Chairman of the Council of Chancellors of State Universities in Indonesia (MRPTNI), Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho at the press conference for the announcement of the 2022 SBMPTN Results on Thursday (23/6/2022), said the independent pathway could be an alternative for students who did not pass the SNMPTN and SBMPTN. 2022.

Meanwhile, self-registration at a number of PTNs in Indonesia can be done using the Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) Lectures. KIP This lecture can also be used to register for Private Universities (PTS).

KIP Lecture is a program from the government aimed at high school (SMA) or equivalent students who have good academic potential but have economic limitations. The KIP Lecture Program will provide financial assistance during the study period at the accepted tertiary institution.

“KIP Lectures can be used to register on the independent path of all PTN/PTS,” said Sony H. Wijaya’s KIP Lecture Technical team, quoted from

However, Sony emphasized that every university has a policy to open or close Study Programs (Prodi) that accept KIP College students through independent channels.

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The following are PTNs that open independent pathways with the KIP College or Non-KIP pathways:


ITB opens an independent path through the Independent Selection (SM) ITB which will be opened from 6-29 June 2022. SM ITB opens opportunities for applicants for underprivileged students who have a College KIP.

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