Sixth day of protests in Ferraz: police shielding and the majority’s rejection of the ultras prevent new riots

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Just a few hours after Pedro Sánchez met in Ferraz with his workers To show their solidarity and support, hundreds of people once again gathered on the outskirts of the socialist headquarters to protest against the amnesty and the approach of the PSOE to the independence movement. There have now been six nights of demonstrations in the surroundings of Ferraz, which was once again protected with a police deployment of some 300 officers after the riots caused this Tuesday by several radical groups.

Coinciding with the completion of the soccer match between Real Madrid and Sporting de Braga, the Police closed access to Marqués de Urquijo street from Princesa and Pintor Rosales to avoid the passage of more groups to the concentration, which was already practically residual. Little by little, the riot police began to surround the intersection with Ferraz to minimize possible disturbances. So, around 11:30 p.m., people began to dissolve.

Attendance has been noticeably lower than the previous day. In general, there was less tension and fewer people despite the fact that the deployment of riot police was practically identical to that of Tuesday. In any case, and to prevent the ultras from taking control of the protest, the protesters demanded to “show their faces” to those who wore balaclavas or their faces covered, amid shouts of “no violence.” The National Police also He separated and identified those who had their faces covered.

However, for a moment there were fears of trouble, since some radicals came closer at the head of the demonstration. In the first rows fewer and fewer whistles were heard. It seemed that little by little the hard wing was taking positions along the perimeter on the street side Marquis of Urquijo. Shortly before 10:00 p.m., various small groups with a radical profile reached the first section of the rally and, despite being rebuked by the protesters, took over the row closest to the fence. From there they exhibited ultra and They praised José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

Throughout the afternoon, attendees have whistled and booed those hooded who tried to gain position or those who displayed extreme right-wing symbols. “Violence does not represent us,” They shouted while several even confronted the radicals. There have also been discussions between protesters accusing each other of being ultras, a banner of “We are not CDR” and people saying “illa, illa, illa, las vallas a Melilla”.

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