Sixth running of the bulls of San Fermín: robbery in Santo Domingo and spicy in the Estafet

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From Badajoz to Pamplona with the turbo on. This is how they have arrived Jandilla bulls to the sixth encierro. Revolutionized, sprinters, eager to get to the square as soon as possible. On their way they have taken several runners ahead, leaving no injuries from a bull horn.

The pagafantas of the confinement have been this Wednesday the long-suffering waiters of the section of Santo Domingo, even those of Merchants. Neither more nor less than four huge tame have been placed in front and across the width of the herd, covering the entire street, without a single loophole for racing. One day less for them.

those of Jandilla have started to wake up merchantswhere first one of the blacks of the group and behind two others have lit the fuse of speed and have arrived leading the singing voice to the Estafeta curve. There, good runners, very experienced young men, were already waiting for them. One of them has given a curve race lesson. Another, wearing a polka dot shirt, was pushed by the back of an ox against the bull that was going to the left of him, who launched a yell at him in the middle of his run. And he has been released.

The relay has been taken by another runner with a black t-shirt, who second day in a row at San Fermín one of the best races of the festivities has taken place right in the middle of the beginning of the Post office. It has been one of the positive lessons of the day. The negative example, that of the boy who was trying to get up from the ground just as the first morlaco passed by. The python has grazed the back of his neck. There are people who don’t know how lucky they are.

La Estafeta has been the scene of another day of good racing, with the herd already wide open, with enough gaps. commuter racing, andn occasions too much crowding between the runners and the pitons, but such are the new times.

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