Skiing, Sports | Svendsen in – Theodorsen out

Svendsen is one of four women selected for the team. Three men mean that the team counts seven athletes.

Anna Svendsen has her strength in classic sprints, but what she did last season was not good enough to be allowed to continue on the national team for another season.

Silje Theodorsen was part of the Northern Norway team last season, but is not with this time. Theodorsen did not join any of the national teams either, but confirmed after the end of the season that she had offers from several players.

It is not known where she will end up next season. Theodorsen had his international breakthrough last season.

The veteran Finn Hågen Krogh is one of the three men who have been taken out.

This is Team Elon Northern Norway:

Women: Anna Svendsen (Tromsø), Synne Arnesen (Tromsø), Ingrid Andrea Gulbrandsen (Bardufoss and Omegn), Ingeborg Anberg Stenersen (Kvaløysletta).

Men: Preben Horven (Bossmo and Ytteren), Finn Hågen Krogh (Tverrelvdalen), Johann Lien Nordeng (Alsvåg).

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