Skinny and energetic, Kim Jong-un steals attention at military parade


PYONGYANGNorth Korea (North Korea) has staged a parade featuring military dogs and virus-fighting workers in orange hazmat suits.

Nevertheless, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un still manages to grab the spotlight by looking thinner and more energetic than he has displayed years ago.

During the Wednesday night (8/9) event, Kim wore a beige suit and a shiny white tie, appearing at midnight.

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He beamed in response to the thunderous applause from the performers and spectators who filled the brightly lit Kim Il Sung Square. The square is named after his grandfather, the country’s founder.

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Kim smiled broadly, waving to the crowd and kissing the children who gave her flowers before taking her place on the balcony to observe the parade.

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He laughed out loud and gave applause to the marchers throughout the event, while having a light chat with the senior officials.


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